Florence Volunteer Fire Department


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Documentation required with membership application:


  1. Criminal Background Check from a F.A.S.T. location or D.P.S.,
  2. Any training documentation for Fire/Rescue or EMS.


Qualifications for Membership:

Any resident of/or person employed in the area covered by Williamson County ESD #7, of good character and good physical condition who has attained the age of (18) may be eligible for membership in the department. A driving record and background check is necessary for all applicants.  Citizens who live outside the district may apply, but their application for membership will need to be approved by both the Fire Chief and the Deputy Chief.

Florence Volunteer Fire Department is always accepting applications for volunteers.

Here are the steps involved with becoming a member of Florence Volunteer Fire Department:

A.      The candidate shall submit the appropriate application, completed in full, to the Fire Chief or his/her designee.

B.      Within 30 days of receipt of a completed, application the membership committee will perform appropriate reviews and inquiries to determine whether the candidate meets the qualifications for membership.  Upon approval of the membership committee, the candidate will be notified of their acceptance or non-acceptance. If accepted the candidates name shall be placed on a prospective members list.

C.     At the next department meeting applications of candidates for preliminary membership shall be placed before the department. Each candidate shall have attended at least three regularly scheduled meetings from the time the application was submitted, failure to do so may cause the applicants application to be revoked.

D.     Preliminary Members must be approved by a majority of active members present voting in a secret ballot at the next regular meeting.

E.      Preliminary Members may serve in a non emergency support role.

F.       Preliminary Members shall not:


1.Participate in votes by the membership


2.Respond to alarms or participate in actual emergencies.


3.Be issued any other equipment than is necessary in completing

    the "Basics of Membership" course(s).






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